Prospective Students

Are you applying to Cambridge? Are you unsure what college to apply to? Whether you're choosing colleges or you just want to find out what Girton is going to be like for you, the information below should help put your mind at ease. Note that this is a very condensed and subjective summary of information. If you would like a comprehensive guide to Girton, download a copy of the Graduate Guide from the Official College Website.

What you need to know....

  • Before digesting this, make sure you know what colleges are and what place they have in the University system by clicking here.
  • Girton College is located 2 miles from the centre of Cambridge, making it one of the least centrally located colleges. The good news is, graduates aren't housed in the college - we all live closer to town while at the same time having access to the marvellous facilities and gorgeous grounds that the college offers.
  • Girton is one of the only colleges with an indoor swimming pool. There is also a gym, a squash court, tennis courts, hockey fields, 5-a-side football fields and football/rugby pitches all available for use at the college. Nothing like a relaxing swim after working up a sweat!
  • Girton has one of the most beautiful grounds of any colleges and is unique in that its lawns are free to walk on and also free of tourist traffic.
  • Various scholarships exists for graduates - more info can be found here.
  • Each year, the MCR of the college runs a 2 week program of social events around the beginning of Michaelmas term known as Freshers Fortnight. New graduates typically arrive at the start knowing nobody. After 2 weeks, everybody knows everybody.
  • Formal Hall is one of those experiences that is truly unique to Cambridge student life. Its like being in a Harry Potter film - but with wine. The best thing is that for graduates, no-one does it better than Girton. We drink with the Fellows before and after meals and our food has won awards amongst all the colleges as being the best. Despite this, the meal is quite cheap at £7.75. We have Formal Hall once a week on a Thursday which is less often than most colleges. Christmas Formal Halls around the beginning of December tend to be particularly festive.
  • You'll need a suit and tie for Formal Hall as well as for other stuff. Doesn't have to be fancy or even that conservative though. Check out Tkmaxx on Market Street for cheap but fashionable bargains. If you're loaded with cash - check out Ede & Ravenscroft on Trumpington Street.
  • Girton does not host a May Ball. Instead we host a Spring Ball every second year around March. The next Spring Ball is scheduled for 2011.
  • Wolfson Court is where most new graduates live and is located very close to the University Library and the Sidgwick Site. Good news for Arts and Humanities students. It's also right beside the Maths Department - good news for mathematicians and die-hard Stephen Hawking fans. Finally its a 5-min cycle from the West Cambridge site - good news for physicists and computer scientists. Check out our accommodation page for more info on where to live as a Girtonian.
  • The worst place to have to work in if you're living in Girton college Accommodation is the Addenbrookes Hospital. Its right on the other side of town. 30 min cycle. Bad news for Health sciences. Of course, you can always rent accommodation privately or even apply to Homerton College.
  • Bring a bicycle with you to Cambridge if possible. You will need one. You will also likely be overcharged for one bought in Cambridge around the start of October. Everyone buys bikes at this time and the shops put their prices up for this reason.
  • Girton College currently pays American loan cheques in cheque form to students by posting it out to them. This usually means a 2-3 week delay between the cheque being issued by the lender and the student having access to the funds. The MCR is working to improve this but be prepared!